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Sue and I went to a wedding in Bedford to end this week and stayed at a hotel right on the main road. We arrived on Friday night ready for an early start on Saturday morning. I realized that ( like you) four guys I know now that German cyclists touring the area on the corner xxnx of the drink came to the reception. I would say were between 35 to 40 and were well oiled. We have ordered our clothes and went for a walk around downtown and stopped for a few drinks here and there. When we reached the hotel, I found a heated argument between two of the drinkers in Germany and the bar staff to inquire about the bill. As we speak a little German, so I ordered, xxnx to act as interpreters and in a few minutes to remove the misunderstanding. The Germans were very grateful that he had been a drink with them. So much the worse xxnx for drink were good, but not rude - just a good time. Kurt, the youngest of the group could speak some English but the other not so good, so are able to find out what they do in England. To make a long story short, we went to the wedding and returned to the hotel about 22 00 watch a little worse for the goods, but in good spirits. When we arrived at the reception, we saw Kurt reading sits in his own newspaper. We approached him and he explaine